Your evening from 5–9pm

The following questions relate to your evening activities between 5–9pm.
Which evenings do you generally go out? Select all that apply.
How much money do you typically spend on an evening out?
During the week
On the weekend
How do you typically travel when you go out?
What stops you from going out of an evening in your local area? Select all that apply.
How do you rate the following aspects in your local area between 5–9pm?
I don't know
Activation (events and things to do)
Dining options
Entertainment options
Retail options
Amenity (toilets, parking, seating, lighting)

Please specify the exact location.

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In the coming months we will be running community workshops in our local libraries to discuss the issues and share the ideas and opportunities to develop a thriving evening in Our City after 5.

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Your life from 3-9pm

Show us where you spend your time both in and outside of the City of Canada Bay between 3–9pm. Please tell us what you do there and why you choose to go there. Consider all types of activities—sport, exercise, dining, entertainment, volunteering, organisation meetings, bars/clubs, gaming, shopping etc.

You can also pinpoint areas you would like to spend more time in if they were open during this time.

Please submit your input even if the area or place has already been submitted, we want to hear from as many people as possible to understand foot traffic, popularity and opportunities for improvement.

70 contributions